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One day God looked down to Earth and saw too much loneliness and sorrow among his children.

“I must give them a gift that will help ease their way,” He said.

God thought of several possibilities but settled on creating a beautiful creature capable of supplying abundant love and joy.

With a wave of His hand, a brilliant, sparkling light appeared.  From the midst of divine radiance emerged God’s gift.  He called her “Cheyenne”.

Cheyenne was an exquisite, supernaturally gifted Golden Retriever dog. God bestowed on her tremendous powers. With personality, intelligence, and loyalty, she had the capacity to demonstrate compassion and love. She would never tire, never be sick, nor ever die.

“Cheyenne, you and I will go walk the Earth together where I will personally train you for your important assignments,” God said while patting her head cheerfully.

Together they descended to Earth, landing in a small room where a little child played quietly with a ragged toy. The child could not see them.

“This girl is five years old. Her name is Wendy,” God told Cheyenne. “She is a very lonely little girl. Her mother is very poor and must work two jobs to support them, which does not leave her much time to spend with her daughter. The person hired to watch Wendy does not care and often leaves the child alone unbeknownst to the mother.

“Wendy’s mom is facing a choice which could make their lives much better. Hopefully, she will make the right decision, but until that time, Cheyenne, I want you to stay here with Wendy. No one else will be able to see you but the little girl, and once your assignment is complete, the child will have no memory of you. It is best for the child.”

Suddenly, Wendy looked, and a big smile appeared on her face. ‘Hey, puppy, how did you get in here?” she asked.

Cheyenne went right to the little girl and snuggled up next to her.  Wendy hugged Cheyenne as the dog picked up the raggedy toy.

Cheyenne tossed the toy in the air, which made Wendy laugh. The toy came down smack dab on Cheyenne’s head, which made even God smile as He watched from above.

“You are so funny,” laughed Wendy.  “I am going to teach you how to catch.”

Wendy picked up the toy and threw it as high as she could.  Cheyenne took a flying leap and caught the toy in midair.

“Great job! You are a good catcher,” said Wendy with a smile. She continued to throw the toy to Cheyenne for the rest of the afternoon.

Cheyenne made some impressive catches, which made Wendy laugh and smile.

She really enjoyed spending her afternoon with Cheyenne. It was fun to have company.

At 6:30 PM, Wendy’s mom came home. She burst into Wendy’s room, saying, “Wendy, Wendy, I got the job in Miami, near Grandma’s house.  I called the woman today and asked about my application. She said they have been trying to contact me at home, but no one answers our phone. If I hadn’t called today, I would not have gotten the job. I am so happy.”

Wendy’s mom hugged and kissed her little girl. “Thank God, Wendy! Now we can spend time together. You are really going to like Miami.  Grandma wants us to live with her.  She has a nice house with a big yard. You will just love it.  It will be wonderful for you to spend time with your grandma. It will be a new start for all of us,” she said.

“We have to celebrate.  This is a big moment in our lives.  Let’s go out for some ice cream.”

Wendy looked around the room as if she’d lost something.  She picked up her raggedy toy and said, “Mommy, when we move to Miami, can I get a puppy?”

“Of course you can,” her mother replied.

Except for the love and joy embedded in Wendy’s heart from Cheyenne’s visit, God removed the memory of Cheyenne from the child’s mind.

“You got an A plus on your first assignment, Cheyenne,” said God.


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