Cheyenne, God’s Golden Gift

One-day God looked down to Earth and saw too much loneliness and sorrow among his children.

“I must give them a gift that will help ease their way,” He said. God thought of several possibilities but settled on creating a beautiful creature capable of supplying abundant love and joy.

With a wave of His hand, a brilliant, sparkling light appeared. From the midst of divine radiance emerged God’s gift. He called her “Cheyenne.”

Cheyenne is a beautiful Golden Retriever dog bestowed with supernatural powers. With personality, intelligence, and loyalty, she has the capacity to demonstrate compassion and love. She will never tire, never be sick, nor ever die.

“Cheyenne, you and I will go walk the Earth together where I will personally train you for your important assignments,” God said.

Follow Cheyenne, as she walks the earth fulfilling her 18 challenging assignments; touching the hearts of those in need. She is a precious gift who chases away pain and sorrow with kindness and love.
Cheyenne’s gentle spirit will warm your soul and remind you that even in the darkness, there is always hope.

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