Got Your Back

Solebury House Publishing presents GOT YOUR BACK, a children’s book for Green Bay Packers fans and their families.

Bobby O’Callaghan is 11-years-old. With the start of youth football just days away, Bobby must decide if playing the game, he loves is worth getting picked on by Jerry and Kyle, two bullies who don’t want a small kid on their team.

After Jerry and Kyle knock Bobby off his bike, they chase him all the way to Lambeau Field where he crashes head first into two men exiting the side gate. Both men hit the ground. Bobby apologizes then takes off. While sprinting home he realizes that he ran into a Green Bay Packers Coach and a star player.

Bobby is embarrassed and at his wits end. He needs answers fast. After another attempt by Jerry the next day, Bobby walks home deep in thought. He looks up. He is directly in front of the football Stadium. He summons his courage and walks in to ask for advice.

GOT YOUR BACK is available exclusively at The Green Bay Packers Pro Shop at Lambeau Field, 1265 Lombardi Ave., Green Bay, WI 54302

To order GOT YOUR BACK, please call the Green Bay Packers Pro shop at 1-800-992-5750


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